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Creating PROJECT50 is undoubtedly one of my biggest achievements so far. Together with my co-founder and SOM STUDIOS we designed this challenge for the elite of tomorrow: individuals who are athletic, creative, entrepreneurial, high-performing, or generally willing to live life to the fullest. I am talking about the 1% of individuals who are successful and desirable in their respective fields. After months and months of research, we at SOM STUDIOS discovered that these individuals share common habits that contribute to their exceptional performance. Therefore we wanted to create something unique to help visionaries finally fulfill their dreams: PROJECT50. The challenge consists of seven rules. Participants are encouraged to follow these rules for 50 days, the perfect time it takes to establish a proper habit, and elevate their lifestyle to the level of the top 1%. PROJECT50 offers an opportunity for anyone to reach their full potential. 


Only shortly after introducing the challenge and completing it myself as the first person to do so, PROJECT50 had already been making waves on social media. A big reason for that was the idea of documenting my personal journey by creating a daily short-form vlog. Initially that was intended to help me stay accountable by sharing it on social media. But it was a pleasant surprise to discover that many others who joined the PROJECT50 challenge also started posting their own vlogs, making it the primary reason for the project’s incredible virality. However, it's worth noting that creating a video every day wasn't necessarily one of the rules. And that’s crazy. 

Now as somebody, who's always been driven to live a fulfilling life, I was intrigued by the potential benefits we saw in the project. The challenge is an all-encompassing lifestyle plan that helps individuals maximize their potential and achieve success in various aspects of their lives. With the pandemic disrupting our previous routines, I found the idea of taking control of my life perfect. It’s worth noting, that I already committed myself twice to the challenge and observed the results in very detail. Through the challenge, I was able to establish healthy habits and achieve many goals, wether it be in fitness, in my creativity and or learning new skills. I learned that taking on PROJECT50 will help you focus more on yourself, rather than all the things happening around you.


While hopping on P50 is not only the proof that you’re already on the right path, and shifting your energy as well as mindset towards the right direction, it also brings lots of other benefits with it.

- Fostering personal growth
- Developing healthy habits
- Creating a routine that sticks with you
- Greater self-awareness
- Learning new skills (you choose which)
- Strengthening self-discipline
- Connecting to like-minded people

In addition to the personal benefits of the challenge, participants also have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards similar goals. This sense of connection and support can be incredibly powerful, providing individuals with the encouragement and motivation they need to stay committed to their goals and make lasting changes in their lives.

Overall, the PROJECT50 challenge is an effective way to start improving one's habits, lifestyle, and overall well-being. While individual results may vary, participants can expect to experience a range of benefits, including improved mental health, increased productivity, better sleep, lower stress levels, and a great sense of personal growth. Ultimately our mission is that individuals cary these habits on even after the challenge, transforming the PROJECT50 challenge into a PROJECT50 lifestyle.


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The Rules

Rule 1: Wake up before 8 A.M. ⌚️

This means every single day. Of course this will be easy for people who need to work at 7:00 A.M. for example. But obviously this can be tough for night-people. Now what really important is, is that you get 6+ hours of good sleep. Stick to a routine and make sure to set out the perfect time for you to go the bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Also take into consideration how long it takes you to fall asleep. Don’t consume phone or content before bed, rather journal or read. All in all, make this rule fit your individual needs.

My tip: Find out how long it takes you to get to bed and lock in a time. Then stick to the same routine and really wake up at the same time everyday. At the moment I go to bed at 10 P.M. (probably falling asleep by 11 P.M.) and I wake up at 6 A.M.

Rule 2: Do your morning routine - 1h no distractions ☕️

Make sure to not use your phone or social media. Prepare your day, stretch a little and get some good food. If you drink coffee, make sure to postpone it for at least 90minutes after waking up. If you have enough time try to meditate for 10min or go for a walk. Create a morning routine that works well for you and activates your body.

My tip: Catch sunlight as early as possible. Cortisol will help your body to “wake up” faster. What I also like to do is catching some fresh air at my balcony. Also what I discovered recently and has helped me hugely is really drinking my coffee when I sit down at my working desk either after my morning workout or morning routine.

Rule 3: Exercise for 1h a day 💪🏼
Move your body actively for at least 1 hour. That means, do what makes sense for you. This can be any sport. Go to the gym, go for a run, do yoga or go cycling. If you find yourself in another sport, you can also do that e.g. skiing, gymnastics, soccer. Ultimately you should move your body for at least 1h. If you had a rough week, you can also do an active recovery day with jogging or stretching.

My tip: Make yourself a training plan, define goals and stick with it. If you are not already doing a specific sport, get hybrid with running and weight sessions. What I currently do in a week: 3 weight sessions, 3 runs, 1 HIT session, 1 bike sesh (keep in mind —> this is a very active lifestyle) But I really like mixing up things to overall get fit.

Rule 4: Read 10 pages a day 📙

The books must be either motivational, psychological, business-orientated or educational. Make sure to read 10 pages per day or more if you’re into reading. You can also switch books throughout the 50 days. A good idea is decide before the challenge what books you are going to read.

My tip: Create a night routine and read your 10-20 pages just before bed. This makes most sense to me, because you are focused and everything around you is silent. Also you then have a good reason to not stare into your phone all night. Also I am a huge note taker. If you come across a very insightful passage or quote and you have a thought, take your time to write it down somewhere.

Rule 5: Dedicate 1h towards a new skill 🧠

You can learn any skills you prefer. But the importance here is, that you really dedicate at least 1 hour towards skill that you don’t usually spend time on. If you are working in a job, spend that 1 hour on something else. If you don’t have ideas, dive into Youtube and get inspired. Find something that has personal meaning to you. When you’re hooked you are certainly more likely to keep the skill alive after the challenge. Also limit all distractions and 100% concentrate / deep-think the full hour.

My tip: This is my favorite rule, because it has by far the biggest impact. Think of what you always wanted to learn but never really found the time for. When I did my PROJECT50 rounds I looked into: Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, creating Shopify pages, designing teck packs.

Rule 6: Follow a healthy diet 🍏

You don’t have to follow a strict diet, but learn what’s good for your body and stick to it. Don’t drink alcohol, skip sugar and don’t eat too late. Then you get better sleep and your digestion has enough time to reset for the next day. Pro tip: When you cook lunch, make sure to prepare 2 portions. Then you don’t have to think what to get for dinner, so this is a major time-saver. Also limit soft-drinks and cheat meals.

My tips:

- No sugar in coffee
- Greek yoghurt with low fat + fruits, dates and oats
- Add lots of veggies to your meals
- Drink lots of water, avoid soft-drinks
- Try overnight oatmeals
- Meal prep —> cook lunch for dinner (2 portions)
- Don’t drink more than more than 1 shake a day
- Add creatine to your nutrition (most researched supplement)

Rule 7: Track your daily progress in a journal 🖋

Make sure to document your journey on a daily basis, best before bed. Write down positives (what worked well) and also negatives (what wasn’t optimal). Also track what skills you’ve learned or what workout you did that day. Most importantly note down what you can improve so you can tackle that issue the next day.

My tip: Use a physical book / journal. This will naturally make you feel more connected to your thoughts. Of course, you are also invited to use a digital journal as well. I mean, I have been using a digital journal since 3 years. But when I did PROJECT50 over and over again I was also taking my notes in my journal which made my thoughts way more present. Additionally I documented my journey by producing one short-form vlog per day. By posting it on socials I kept myself accountable. Little did I know, that most people who jump onto PROJECT50 also started posting vlogs. So that was the Nr. 1 reason the PROJECT50 phenomenon went so viral.

General Rule:

If you fail on any of the 50 days, you have to start over. Repeat the challenge until you're finished. Remember, if you're deciding to cheat you're only betraying yourself.


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